I need some help!

My Starballs, an LED mirrorball-type effect, are starting to fail after being used pretty hard for several years.  So the time has come to replace with something DMX-controllable and with a little more punch.

I’ve decided to not go with a classic mirror ball or starball effect again, and will instead use a moonflower effect, which essentially is a spinning LED light split into multiple beams, roughly simulating a mirror ball.

I’ve narrowed it down to two choices, both from American DJ.  If you have a few moments, review the two videos below and let me know which light you would pick as a dynamic mirror-ball effect.  Keep in mind they would be mounted vertically and set to slow rotation. Much of the videos show them pointed to the floor or moving quickly, so use your imagination.  Also, if you have suggestions for other DMX-controlled effects, please add them to the comments  below!

First up, the American DJ Vio Moon LED

And next, the American DJ Quad Phase LED