I took advantage of the better-than-seasonal weather we are having in North Dakota this last weekend and did some new  light show programming in my garage.

Earlier in the week I replaced my standard white starballs I’ve had since the beginning with two brand new American DJ Quad Phase lights.  That meant new shows to take advantage of the advanced DMX programming that came with the upgrade.

Below is a quick video of the new light show.  Some of the lights included are (2) Chauvet MiniMoons, (2) ADJ Quad Phase, (2) Chauvet ColorStrips, (2) ADJ Dual Gems, (1) Shinp Quad Laser, (1) ADJ RGB Atmospheric, and a Chauvet Hurricane Hazer.  (sorry the sound is muted, but I had the phone in concert mode to better capture the lights and it muffled the sound).

And now, here’s some of the demo videos of the other lights in the BeLoud Entertainment light show!

Shinp DL-55 Laser

ADJ Quad Phase

ADJ Dual Gem Pulse

Chauvet ColorStrip

Chauvet MiniMoon