One of the things that separates BeLoud Entertainment is our Online Wedding Planner.

So, what’s so cool about the Planner, you may ask?

Well, your DJ will need a LOT of information from you to make your night go as planned.  All the names, times, requests and other information traditionally was done on a survey sheet, or even just some notebook paper.  Then, as your date approaches, either you, or the DJ, has to maintain the changes in some sort of manageable form without losing all the critical data.

Or, if you book with Bismarck – Mandan’s Mobile Nightclub, you get free access to our Online Wedding Planner! (more after the login)

Try out the demo (use “demo” for both the username and password)

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And a new feature is Pre-Event Requests! Now you can share a link on your wedding website, Facebook, or email to your guests and have them put in requests to BeLoud Entertainment days, weeks, even months prior to the event. This gives BeLoud a little bit of a look into what to expect from your guests, and gives you an opportunity to control some of the music that gets played, again before the event.

You can also pay online, change music, contact information, times and wedding part info right up to the day of the event.

Check out the demo and let me know what you think!  And when you’re ready, reserve your date and get started planning your big day!