Of all the “traditional” wedding dance functions, the one that has seemingly changed the most is the wedding party entrance, or Grand March.

Only a few years ago, the wedding party would march in arm-in-arm, one couple at a time, to some stuffy elevator music.  The lights would be off, and a single spotlight would illuminate the uncomfortable pair as they wandered towards the dance floor.  The event was really for the photographers and family and friends to get a last good shot of everyone before the real fun started and the wedding party broke up into their respective corners.

But most of today’s brides want something a little more fun.  Most of the time, something a little more upbeat is played and the wedding party is called to the dance floor in a much more informal manner.  They’re usually encouraged to do something a little wacky, like carrying their partner out on to the dance floor, or maybe pulling out the “sprinkler” dance move.

Some have even gone beyond average and choreographed their entire entrance.  Who can forget the “Forever” entrance into the church.  Or how about the Evolution of Dance first dance?  And maybe the best ever, this little father-daughter gem.

Well, we’ve always relied on the bride and groom to come up with an entrance song, or we’ve just randomly selected on.  But in 2012 we’re doing something a little different.  We have a new intro that signals the beginning of the dance.  And now on our Online Planner, we’ve listed over 25 songs, edited to work well with a voiceover to get your crowd involved and provide a great start to the evening.

The songs range from Frank Sinatra, to Gretchen Wilson, to LMFAO (’cause you’re sexy and you know it!).  And if there’s a song you want to use that isn’t listed, just add it under “Other,” and we’ll edit the song to your specifications.

So, check out the current list below, log into your Online Planner and select the song with which you and your wedding would want to start the night!  As usual, if you have any questions, please contact us!