I’ve led a pretty blessed life.  I still have my mother and father around, and both of my siblings, and most of my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.   My wife had a false alarm earlier this year, and my daughter is a healthy 18yo future University of Minnesota – Moorhead student.  I did lose an uncle to heart disease, and an aunt to breast cancer years ago.  And, of course, Father Time continued his undefeated streak when it came to my grandparents.

But recently a few events have taken place with close, personal friends that jeopardized that calm in my life.   Four friends lost parents to cancer.  Then another friend had a very aggressive cancer that temporarily put her out of work and forced her to undergo a battery of chemo and other treatments that I still marvel at her ability to complete.  That same woman had a breast cancer scare mere months after the completion of her major treatment, and had a double mastectomy.  She, her family, and her friends, are now on the road to recovery… again.  And just last week, a very close friend of my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing treatment.  The outlook for her is very good.

In 2011, BeLoud Entertainment did a Zumba-thon with Pulse Group Fitness in Mandan, ND (here are some photos from that event).  We donated our time and equipment because it was the right thing to do, and we are friends with the owners of Pulse.  BeLoud’s parent company, BeBizzy Consulting, also built and hosted a website for Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse to support theirBucks for Bras campaign; a month-long fundraising drive to support breast cancer.

Well, this year BeLoud is taking it up a notch.  We are donating a percentage of all revenue from our weddings, dances, and other events to Susan G. Komen by contributing to Carol Ternes on her 3-Day Walk.  Carol is walking 60 miles in three days, along with thousands of other dedicated souls in August, 2012 in support of erasing breast cancer.

I would encourage you to donate to Carol’s walk by going to this website .  It’s an amazing event, and after hearing Carol’s accounts of last year’s walk, it seemed like a great cause to get behind with our donation.

BeLoud Entertainment will also continue doing the Zumbathon, websites and other things in October and throughout the year to support the cause.

Good luck, Carol, and everyone participating and volunteering for the 3-Day event in August!  And please help Carol reach her pledge goal by donating today!