Ok, so I stole the title from Speed 2 : Cruise Control, but no one saw that movie, so who really cares, right?  And besides, I needed a theme that included watercrafts and bad acting, and most of the people that hang out at Borrowed Bucks in Bismarck were barely born when the Police Academy movies came out (remember Hightower on the Jetski in PA-5?  Hilarity! ).

Anyways, it’s summer time in Bismarck, and that means only one thing.  Well, maybe two things.  Being outside and another BORROWED BUCKS FIRETRUCK FOAM PARTY WITH BELOUD ENTERTAINMENT!

That’s right!  This Friday night, June 29th, 2012, we’ll be filling the game room at Borrowed Bucks in Bismarck with foam, fun, music and lights for the third year in a row.  So, grab that bikini and a friend and head on down to Bucks for Pay The Day taps from 8-9pm – $.29 beer!  The music will start around 9pm.

And did I mention that Bucks is giving away a Sea-Doo watercraft?!  Well, I kinda hinted at it with the whole Speed 2 thing, but I agree, it was vague.

So, we’ll see you at Borrowed Bucks on Friday night, right? (click here for Bucks’ flyer)

If you’ve never been to a Firetruck Foam Party, check out the video below from the first ever event we did in July 2010.