How do you make a party with firetrucks, music, lasers, drinks, and guys and gals in swimwear even better?

Well, remember that horrible 90’s Batman movie with Val Kilmer and Chris O’Donnell, Batman Forever?  Remember all the weird lighting and fluorescent paint?  Well, we’re doing THAT only without the B-list actors and music from Seal.

BeLoud Entertainment and Borrowed Bucks in Bismarck is going to load up the garage with black lights, paint the walls, and fill half the room with foam for a combination firetruck foam party/black light dance.

So you choose.  Either come with something that will look awesome under the black lights, haze and lasers, or something you won’t mind getting wet, or a fluorescent bikini will work, and we’ll provide the tunes, lights, and booze.  Deal?

Bucks Bismarck is located at the corner of 3rd and Front in Bismarck.  It’s the last foam party of 2012, so see you there!