Six hundred (600)  Bismarck State College and University of Mary students packed the Bismarck Civic Center exhibit hall on a Thursday night last week to have a little fun with BeLoud Entertainment.

It was a little slow starting out, but by 10:30pm it was a packed house.

I got a little help from All Night Productions, who brought in some kick-ass subwoofers (see photo above) to fill that large space and huge crowd.  The Civic Center staff even put up barriers to keep the large crowd from pushing into the stage.  That didn’t stop them from wanting to get closer to the sound and lights though, and we had to set banquet tables between the barriers and the stage to keep them from the subs.

It was nice to step away from the weddings for a night and really let the sound and light system fire away!

Hopefully the students and planners will have us back again!  And check out the short video below.