Wedding slideshows are as popular as ever, but the biggest challenge is getting the music embedded in the slideshow to play over the auditorium or DJ sound system.

We have a solution for you!  Because of the demand, BeLoud Entertainment has recently added a wireless projector to our offerings.  Simply get the slideshow to us prior to the event so we can load it into our software, tell us where you want to project the show, and we’ll handle the rest.

Unfortunately because these new wireless systems are free, we do have to charge a small fee to use the projector, but we’re only charging $40, not including any screens we that may have to be rented if the venue doesn’t have one or doesn’t have a wall suitable for projection.  We can discuss final pricing and logistics at our meetings.

So if you don’t want the hassle of Uncle Ron dragging in his work’s projector and and laptop, forgetting the power cable so the laptop dies just before starting the slide show, and then having some young cousin stand there with the microphone so you can get the music back to the DJ, let us handle it for you!

Just another service that keeps adding to North Dakota’s #1 Wedding DJ Service legend!

We currently only have one of these, so if you’re thinking about using it, give us a call soon!