1115920_10151791490993610_554905154_oBeLoud Entertainment doesn’t just do weddings. Our experience (and probably our age) allow us to adapt to just about any environment. Need a DJ for your Homecoming or prom in the Bismarck – Mandan or surrounding area? Have a big night at your bar and need some loud, club-quality entertainment? Have a corporate event and need some microphones and sound? We got that!

Projector Rental

Finding someone to set up, run and troubleshoot a projector is one of the more challenging things for wedding planners, brides and the folks chosen to do it. BeLoud Entertainment has a wireless projector that can show your slideshow from OUR system, meaning all you have to do is get us the file, tell us when to run it, and sit back and enjoy. Call for details or pricing information.


One of the most effective uses of decorating to make your event look very modern and elegant is to place uplighting behind the head table or around the room/dancefloor. BeLoud Entertainment has a limited run of uplighting to make your room look very professionally lit. Call for details or pricing.

80’s Dances

We are the 80’s Dance specialists in Bismarck! Each spring we host an 80’s prom with all proceeds going to a charity. And no one does 80’s like we do. Large screen music videos, a DJ that was alive and DJ’ing in 1991 (80’s kid!), and all the corny decorations and other radically things that go with it. Make that birthday, corporate party or night at the bar more fun with the BeLoud Entertainment “Don’t Stop Believin'” 80’s Party!

School Dances

You don’t want a wedding DJ for your school dance, you want a club DJ! The BeLoud DJ’s have worked in North and South Dakota’s hottest nightclubs and parties (Sturgis!) and can bring all the energy of a nightclub to your school gym. Haze, lasers, LED lighting and today’s hottest songs and music videos. Book early, as wedding season eats up dates quick!

Bar/Club Shows

Sometimes our DJ’s like to take the gloves off a bit and get a little ruder and louder. DJ’ing in clubs and bars let us stretch out legs a bit and play/do some things we can’t do at a school or wedding dance. Let BeLoud Entertainment bring our high-end lights and sound to your bar and throw one heck of a party!